New: Archaeology of the Irish Revolution in East Limerick project

The Landscapes of Revolution team are working on an exciting new project: The Archaeology of the Irish Revolution in East Limerick with UCD School of Archaeology in collaboration with Abarta Heritage through the Irish Research Council COALESCE funds.

This new project focuses on mapping and recording the surviving sites, landscapes and family memorabilia of the 1917-1923 period in East Limerick. During these six years, the people of Ireland witnessed the War of Independence, the truce and the Civil War, which helped to shape the country we know today. Though this revolutionary time period is one of the most engaging, it is also among the country’s most understudied, fragile and at-risk archaeological resources. Despite the huge recent investment in the historical analysis and commemoration of this period, we have surprisingly little information on the archaeological remains of our revolutionary heritage. For example, we currently know more about the location and condition of Early Medieval ringforts than we do about former Royal Irish Constabulary barracks or IRA safe houses.  

Over the next year, the Archaeology of the Irish Revolution in East Limerick project hopes to add to this knowledge with the help of the local community. We are really keen to hear your stories and memories of the East Limerick Brigade that have been passed down through the generations at our community archaeology events in 2023.

The first will be a ‘project launch and story-sharing evening’ held in the Deebert Hotel, Kilmallock, on the 25th of January, 2023. During the evening, speakers will discuss the project, previous work that has been done and events that took place in East Limerick during this revolutionary time. This talk is free and everyone is more than welcome to attend.

We will also be launching a website for the Archaeology of the Irish Revolution in East Limerick project soon. On this website, you can upload information about revolutionary sites such as the location of ambushes, dug-outs, safe houses, etc., including location, brief description, and photographs. Keep your eye on our website and social media pages for more details about this in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the Deebert Hotel in the new year, and Merry Christmas from the Landscapes of Revolution team.

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