Midleton Ambush, 1920

The Landscapes of Revolution Project has undertaken extensive work to identify, locate and promote the archaeological landscape of the ambush that took place in Midleton, Co. Cork on 29 December 1920. The attack, which occurred on the town’s Main Street, resulted in the deaths of three members of an RIC patrol, and led to the first official reprisals during the War of Independence. In addition to identifying the key elements of the site and engaging with the local community to uncover further details about the event, Landscapes of Revolution has also led a programme of interpretation at the site, which it is envisaged will lead to the installation of an interpretive panel in the near future.

Midleton Blog Posts

Interpreting the Archaeology & History of the War of Independence: The New Midleton Ambush Interpretive Panel

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Picturing Midleton’s War of Independence

The Midleton Mapping

An interpretation of the Midleton Main Street ambush produced using Landscapes of Revolution methodologies for the Heritage Centenary Sites publication (Rubicon Heritage)
The wider archaeological landscape of the Midleton Ambush and Reprisal events of December 1920 and January 1921 produced for the Landscapes of Revolution Project
The Interpretive Panel designed by Abarta Heritage Ltd in association with the Landscapes of Revolution Project and Midleton and Ballincurra Area Heritage, with funding support from Cork County Council as part of the County Cork Commemorations Grant Scheme and the Midleton Town Development Fund- Click to Enlarge (Landscapes of Revolution Project)

Midleton Videos

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