Béal na Bláth Ambush, 1922

The Landscapes of Revolution Project worked with Cork County Council on a project to analyse and map the archaeological landscape of Béal na Bláth, Co. Cork, where Michael Collins lost his life in August 1922. Work on the project was undertaken by Damian Shiels & Niall Murray in order to inform the works planned at the site for the centenary of the ambush in August 2022. The resulting report influenced how the site was developed for the 2022 events and also provided recommendations for interpretative opportunities presented by the site. The archaeological work attracted considerable media attention around the 100th anniversary of Collins’s death, and led to some of the results being featured on the RTE website and in the major “Cold Case Collins” produced for RTE1 (see below)


The Archaeology of an Ambush: Surviving Traces of Béal na Blá, 22 August 1922 (RTE/UCC Civil War Project)

“Cold Case Collins” Documentary (RTE Player)

Béal na Bláth Images

The view of the main road along which the National Army convoy was travelling, as viewed from Anti-Treaty IRA ambush positions (Landscapes of Revolution Project)
The view the National Army convoy had of Longs Pub, Beal na Blath, when they first approached it on the morning of 22 August 1922. It was here they were identified, causing the ambush to be set in anticipation of their return (Landscapes of Revolution Project)
The Béal na Bláth Mapping Project was commissioned by Cork County Council.

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