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Video: The Landscapes of Revolution Project

For those interested in discovering the origins of the Landscapes of Revolution Project, the methodologies we employ and the broader threats to the archaeology of this period, this recorded online talk will be of interest. Delivered as part of the programme of works for the Kilcommon Ambush Project, it covers much of our previous work and the rational behind what we are seeking to achieve. You can view it by clicking on the title above or via this link

Ebook: The Heritage Centenary Sites of Rebel County Cork

Commissioned by Cork County Council, this book was contracted to Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd and was prepared using Landscapes of Revolution methodologies. Among the chapters of particular relevance are “Chapter 9: Landscape of Memory”, and “Chapter 10: Researching Your Revolutionary Past” which showcase some of the online resources and methods necessary to undertake analysis of revolutionary landscapes.

Knockraha Revolutionary Landscape Survey

Commissioned by the Knockraha Area Historical & Heritage Society, this landscape survey was undertaken by Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd using Landscape of Revolution methodologies. It was the first  survey of its type undertaken on an Irish Revolutionary Landscape, and demonstrates the significant potential of this approach.

A Brief Guide to Researching the Archaeology of Ireland’s Threatened Landscapes of Revolution

A post outlining some of the ways in which you can explore your revolutionary past, including extracts from the “Researching Your Revolutionary Past” chapter in Heritage Centenary Sites

The Archaeology of Insurrection: St Stephen’s Green, 1916

The genesis of what became the Landscapes of Revolution Project came in the early 2000s, when an initial archaeological analysis of the potential archaeology of the 1916 Rising in and around St. Stephen’s Green was conducted. It resulted in a brief article in the Spring 2006 issue of Archaeology Ireland magazine, the first in Ireland to consider the archaeological potential of a site from Ireland’s revolutionary decade. Archaeology Ireland and Wordwell have kindly given permission for the article to be shared on the site; you can read it by clicking on this link

The Military Archaeology of Irish Buildings in the 20th Century

Written for the Institute for Archaeologists Buildings Group Spring 2013 Newsletter, this article (on pp.27-30) seeks to draw attention to some of the archaeological promise to be found with Ireland’s revolutionary-era archaeology, as well as highlighting similar potential with respect to sites associated with the First and Second World Wars. You can access it here

1920 Midleton Ambush Virtual Tour

The work the Landscapes of Revolution has undertaken on the Midleton Ambush of 29 December 2021 is constant being developed into resources for the local community to increase knowledge and understanding of the ambush and the surviving landscape associated with it. As part of the 100th anniversary events, a virtual tour was created to outline some of the key events which occurred during the engagement. 

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