Family Memorabilia of the Revolutionary Period from Passage West & Surroundings

As part of the official centenary commemorations of the National Army landings at Passage West, Co. Cork–a pivotal action of the Irish Civil War– Professor Joanna Brück of UCD School of Archaeology and Dave Swift of UCD Archaeology/ Claíomh Living History & Heritage Military undertook a Revolutionary Artefacts Open Day at the P.A.C.E. Centre, Passage West, on 7th August 2022. The aim of the open day was to hear local stories and see local artefacts, photos and historical memorabilia relating to the Revolutionary Period. The event was a great success. Joanna and Dave have compiled the information they received on the day, and it is now being shared publicly here given its relevance to the Battle for Cork strand of the Landscapes of Revolution Project.

Joanna and Dave would like to thank the people of Passage West and surrounding area for permission to share images of these artefacts and their associated stories. If family members would like to make any alterations to the text or withdraw their permission to share the images or information below at any time, please email

The material has been broken down into a series of five collections, which you can explore by clicking on the relevant links below:

Passage West Collection 1: Items Relating to Denis O’Sullivan, Irish National Foresters, Passage West

Passage West Collection 2: The Maps & Memorabilia of Henry O’Mahony, IRA, Passage West

Passage West Collection 3: The Badge & Bullet of Mary Reardon, Cumann na mBan, Co. Tipperary

Passage West Collection 4: A Bayonet from Hop Island, Cork Harbour

Passage West Collection 5: The Journeys of Frank Busteed, IRA, Co. Cork- Ireland, America & The Emergency

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