Knockraha’s “E” Company, 1917-23

In 2014 Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd were appointed by the Knockraha Area Historical & Heritage Society two undertake a desk-based assessment of a potential War of Independence-era bomb factory. Following consultation it was decided to undertake a full assessment of all the potential sites in the locality associated with the local IRA unit- “E” Company of the 4th Battalion, Cork No. 1 Brigade, IRA. Working with the local community, who had undertaken significant research into the revolutionary history of their area, a report on the Company landscape was produced (which you can read here) together with a series of maps of the area. Following the production of the report, the Society developed a local Independence Way with support from Cork County Council (you can find the website here).

The Knockraha Mapping

The archaeological landscape of the Knockraha IRA Company’s area of operations. Among the locations highlighted are training areas, bomb factories, important buildings and safe houses, dug outs, executions sites, ammunition dumps and prisons (Rubicon Heritage)
The archaeological landscape of Knockraha village. among the locations marked are key safe houses, weapons dumps, and the location of the “Sinn Fein” Court (Rubicon Heritage)
The location of the Knockraha Company Bomb Factory during the War of Independence (Rubicon Heritage)
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