Press Release: Landscapes of Revolution Project Workshop & Memory Gathering Event

Thursday 2nd of September at 19.00, Kilcommon Community Centre, Kilcommon, Co. Tipperary

Come along to the Landscapes of Revolution Workshop hosted by Abarta Heritage at Kilcommon Community Centre. All are welcome to attend this free event which will be held on Thursday the 2nd of September from 19.00 to 21.00. Drop in at any time to discover how to access online information about the War of Independence landscape in Kilcommon and how to identify key sites used in the war that shaped our nation. We are also seeking local memories of the ambush, reprisals and the War of Independence as it was experienced by the people in and around Kilcommon.

Over one hundred years ago, on the 16th of December 1920, one of the most significant ambushes of the War of Independence was carried out in Kilcommon, orchestrated by the No. 1 (North) Tipperary IRA Brigade Flying Column.

We at the Landscapes of Revolution Project would love to hear any stories or memories the local community may have of this ambush or the War of Independence in general. Perhaps you remember hearing stories of the reprisals or how the post in the area was stopped for weeks. Whatever the information is, we are keen to hear about it at the workshop. If you are unable to attend but have a story or memory you would like to share please email us at

The Kilcommon Mapping Project is funded as part of Tipperary County Council’s Decade of Centenaries Programme with support from the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media. It is being delivered by Abarta Heritage as part of the Landscapes of Revolution Project. If you are interested in the project and would like further information, visit the project website at and keep up to date with Kilcommon updates at

The Workshop and Memory Gathering Event will be conducted outside the Community Centre and in line with current Covid-19 guidance.


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