A closer look at the Tipperary IRA Map

Today we are taking a closer look at the fascinating ‘Tipperary IRA Map.’ Filled with intriguing markings that may be connected with Ireland’s 20th-century revolutionary period, we’re focusing on a section of the map around the town of Cahir (or Caher as it is written on the map). 

Markings such as blue underlines, red underlines and black track-marks appear throughout this section of the Tipperary IRA Map. The blue lines seem to highlight a number of large houses in Cahir, such as Keylong House, Killemnee Lodge, Rosemount and Alta Ville. However, little information has been found that connects these buildings to the War of Independence or the Civil War. Perhaps you may know of a connection? Were these buildings used as safe houses by the IRA? Did the IRA store their weapons here? Or were they places the IRA had planned to attack? 

The IRA often utilised large houses during the 20th century for various reasons. For example, the court-martial of Sergeant McGrath of the Free State Army was held at Knockeevnan House during the Civil War. Knockeevan House, which was situated about 17km from Cahir, was also underlined in blue on this fascinating map. 

If you have any information about the markings in Cahir or elsewhere on the map, we would love to hear it; just email landscapes@abartaheritage.ie

Original markings highlighted on a modern map
Original map with markings highlighted

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