Revolutionary Sites Free Book Download

As part of the 2016 commemorations of the 1916 Rising, I was commissioned through Rubicon Heritage to write a book for Cork County Council that explored sites in Co. Cork linked with the Revolutionary Decade. As well as appearing in printed form, Cork County Council also made the publication available for free download.

Heritage Centenary Sites

The ten chapters are: 1. Introduction, 2. The Scence is Set: Cork’s Conflict History, 3. Moving Towards Revolution, 4. 1916 Rising, 5. Cork at War 1918-21, 6. The Civil War and Cork- A County Divided, 7. Featured Sites, 8. Landscape of Memory, 9. Researching Your Revolutionary Past and 10. Conclusion. You can access the full PDF of the book at the link below:

The Heritage Centenary Sites of Rebel County Cork

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