Welcome to Landscapes of Revolution

This post represents the launch of a new archaeological project dedicated to identifying and exploring the archaeological traces of the Irish War of Independence. The project is an initiative of Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd., in partnership with the Center for Historic Preservation in Middle Tennessee State University. A major component of the project will be community-engagement throughout the landscapes where this conflict occurred. Stage 1 consists of a pilot study of the War of Independence landscape of the area of operations of the 4th Battalion, Cork No. 1 Brigade. This roughly correlates geographically with East Co. Cork. Over the coming weeks and months we will be exploring this battalion zone on a company-by-company level, in an attempt to shed further light on what the landscape of guerrilla war looks like, how it survives today, and how we can utilise and manage it. You can follow our progress via this blog (you can sign up for updates of new posts in the sidebar) and also you can keep track of us on Facebook (here) and Twitter @LoRArchaeology.

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