Cashel Object Recording & Memory Sharing Evening

Thanks to everyone who came along to our Object Recording and Memory Sharing Evening in Halla na Féile, Cashel, last Thursday night. The stories that were shared about the War of Independence and the Civil War in south Tipperary made it a very memorable evening. 

We had the pleasure of hearing about dugouts, safe houses, route-ways and how the IRA used a white greyhound to surreptitiously clear children off the road before an attack. The variety of information from descendants of members of the IRA, RIC, civilians and victims of the war was wonderful to hear and helped to shed some light on the mysterious map. 

We were also shown some fascinating objects during the evening, including medals awarded for service, photographs, personal letters, memorial cards, and an autograph-book from an internment camp. You can see a selection of these items below.

We will be hosting another event in June 2022, where we will share the information we have learned so far about the markings on the map. We will also demonstrate how to use some of the Military Archives’ online databases for anyone interested in doing their own research. Keep an eye on our blogs and social media pages for further details. 

Personal items from the Object Recording and Memory Sharing Evening in Cashel.

Special thanks to James Ryan, Nicholas Ryan and Luke Healy for sharing their objects and fascinating stories with us.

Display of medals from the Ryan family

Top: The Emergency Service Medal was issued in the 1940s to those who rendered quality service during World War II, also known in Ireland as ‘the emergency’. The front of the medal displays an image of Éire (personification of Ireland) with an Irish wolfhound.

Bottom Left: The Service Medal often known as the ‘Black & Tan medal’. This was awarded to those who were involved in the fight for independence between the 1st of April 1920 and the 11th of July 1921. The figure in the centre represents a Volunteer member of a Flying Column with the arms of the four provinces of Ireland surrounding him.

Bottom Right: The Truce Commemoration Medal marked the Jubilee Anniversary of the Truce. This medal was awarded to veterans of the War of Independence who were alive in 1971. 

Luke Healy showing family letters

Luke Healy brought in some captivating old family letters connected to the death of his great-great-grandfather George Lysaght during the War of Independence. The letters show the decency of his great-great-grandmother in not wishing for retribution or the continuation of violence.  

Ryan family autograph-book from Ballykinlar Internment Camp

The Ryan family also brought in an autograph book from the Ballykinlar Internment Camp in Co Down. An ancestor of the Ryans was an internee here in 1921 and had his book signed by many of the prisoners. Amongst the signatures are drawings such as the one above, which depicts one of the huts the men were living in. The artist gives the dimensions of the hut and shows tricolours flying from the roof.  

The Tipperary Old IRA Map Project is funded as part of Tipperary County Council’s Decade of Centenaries Programme with support from the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media. This event is being delivered by Abarta Heritage as part of the Landscapes of Revolution Project.

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